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Orchard – Dickinson, TX

“In her presence, the ordinary world seemed to take on a magical glow.” – Beau Taplin

Perfect Spring Orchard Outdoor Wedding

When it comes to weddings, there’s something enchanting about the idea of an outdoor celebration in a picturesque orchard during the spring season. The fresh, fragrant air, blossoming trees, and the soft, natural light make for an unforgettable setting. In this blog post, we’ll take you through a beautiful Spring Orchard Outdoor Wedding, where the vision was to create a casually romantic farm-to-table experience, using the property’s unique elements to craft a relaxing atmosphere. Join us as we explore this stunning event and gather inspiration for your own intimate dreamscapes.

Allison and Hart’s wedding was nothing short of a dream come true. The couple’s vision was clear: they wanted a relaxed, romantic setting that celebrated nature and love. What set this wedding apart was the unique approach to the decor. Instead of relying on store-bought decorations, the couple scoured the property, finding objects that held sentimental value. These objects were thoughtfully integrated into the decor, creating a farm-to-table ambiance that was both rustic and elegant.

Staying on-trend, the couple seamlessly incorporated the Pantone Colors of the Year into their wedding style. The bride, Allison, donned a breathtaking rose quartz-hued gown, while the groom, Hart, looked dashing in cool serenity attire. The blending of these colors with the natural surroundings of the orchard was a visual masterpiece, a true testament to the couple’s keen eye for aesthetics.

Gorgeous natural light bathed the orchard in a warm, inviting glow. The delicate, sweet branches of peach blossoms added an ethereal touch, transporting everyone to a world of romance and nostalgia. For those who had spent summers on a grandparent’s farm, the setting was reminiscent of those cherished memories. It was a place where the beauty of the outdoors and the intimacy of love converged seamlessly.

Creative Partners

Photographer: Koby Brown
Styling & Design: Elizabeth Brown
Floral: Bramble & Bee

Gown: Elizabeth Mackenzie Bridal
Makeup & Hair: Jenni Reed
Models: Allison Kennedy & Hart Green VI

Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab
Stationary: Papellerie
Hair Accessories: Naturae Design


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