Kristy & Jonathan Wedding

Grand Galvez | Galveston, TX

“Her thoughts were like footprints in the sand, leading to undiscovered shores.” – Anonymous

A Grand Galvez Wedding

Embark on an unforgettable journey through Kristy and Jonathan’s Grand Galvez Wedding, expertly documented by Koby Brown Photography. Delve into the enchanting details of this special day at Grand Galvez, where meticulous planning by Jitters and Cocktails, exquisite florals by Laurel Events, and a dream team of creative partners seamlessly came together to create lasting memories.

The allure of Grand Galvez as the backdrop for Kristy and Jonathan’s wedding day was perfect. Every frame captured by Koby Brown Photography highlights the venue’s timeless elegance, making this gallery a visual testament to the charm and sophistication of a Grand Galvez Wedding.

Grand Galvez Wedding Brought to Life

Witness the magic brought to life by Jitters and Cocktails, the heartbeat of Kristy and Jonathan’s Wedding. With a personal touch, Jitters and Cocktails ensured that every detail reflected the couple’s love story. Allowing Koby Brown Photography to capture not just moments but cherished memories.

Immerse yourself in the fragrant world of Laurel Events. As the artisans behind the breathtaking florals that adorned the Grand Galvez celebration. Koby Brown Photography delicately captures the personal connection between the blooms and the couple. Thus making each photo a personal journey through the beauty of love in bloom.

Feel the rhythm of love with the soulful melodies of Divisi Strings during the ceremony. Then the energetic beats of the DJ that filled Grand Galvez. Koby Brown Photography transports you to the dance floor, allowing you to experience Kristy and Jonathan’s celebration.

Indulge your senses in the sweetness crafted by Cakes by Jula, adding a personal and delectable touch to the Grand Galvez Wedding. Koby Brown Photography captures the personal details of each confection, making you feel like you’re savoring the sweetness of this special day.

Bride Details

Feel the personal elegance radiating from Kristy’s Maggie Sottero gown, curated with care by Weddings by Debbie. Koby Brown Photography captures the intimate details, inviting you to appreciate the personal and timeless beauty that defined Kristy’s Grand Galvez Wedding look.

Experience the personal touch of Kiss and Makeup, the artists who brought out the natural beauty of Kristy and Jonathan. Through Koby Brown Photography’s lens, you’ll witness the transformation. With each image serving as a testament to the personal and radiant essence of the couple on their Grand Galvez Wedding day.

Wanting More?

Celebrating the personal love story of Kristy and Jonathan, as seen through the heartfelt lens of Koby Brown Photography. This Grand Galvez Wedding is not just a visual spectacle; it’s a personal journey into the heart of love, artistry, and the intimate magic that defines a celebration at Grand Galvez. Koby Brown Photography also had the pleasure of capturing this couple’s engagement session. Taking the day together to explore many of their favorite Galveston locations, including their future Galveston wedding venue. To view this gallery, click here.

Creative Partners

Florist: Laurel Events

Entertainment: Divisi Strings and DJ

HMUA: Kiss and Makeup

Bakery: Cakes bu Jula

Invitations: Betsy By Design

Video: EP Films

Wedding Gown: Maggie Sottero, Weddings by Debbie


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