Luana & JP Destination Wedding

Eidfjord, Norway

“She possessed a unique ability to perceive the world in a way that was both profound and inexplicable.”

– Paulo Coelho

As a destination wedding photographer based in Galveston, Texas, I have seen many couples overcome challenges to celebrate their love. However, the story of Luana and JP Emery is particularly special. Their initial plans for a destination wedding in Norway were called off due to the Covid lockdown. Despite this setback, they didn’t let their spirits dampen, and instead, they held a small outdoor ceremony in Houston, TX with their family and close friends.

Two years later, the Emerys and I were finally able to travel to Eidfjord, Norway, to celebrate their love once more. This time, they donned both western and Hindu wedding attire, including their custom-designed Hindu garments. We captured the magic of the moment as they performed sacred rituals, which are integral to Hindu ceremonies.

Norway Scenery

Norway Wedding Location Scouting

Western Wedding Attire

Hindu Wedding Attire

As their photographer, it was an honor to witness and document these special moments between them. Luana and JP’s love story is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit and how love conquers all.

If you’re considering a destination wedding, Norway should be at the top of your list. Its majestic fjords, charming towns, and stunning landscapes make it a perfect location for a wedding. To plan a successful Norway destination wedding, start by researching the different regions and venues that will suit your preferences. Norway has plenty of options, from historic churches and chapels to modern hotels and resorts. Once you’ve decided on the venue, work with a wedding planner to ensure everything runs smoothly. They can help with everything from sourcing vendors to securing necessary permits.

When it comes to photography, choose a professional photographer who has experience shooting in Norway’s unique landscapes. As a Norway Wedding Photographer myself, finding someone who can capture the essence of your special day and make your memories last a lifetime, is so important.

Norway is a magical destination for a wedding, and Luana and JP’s story is proof that love can conquer any obstacle. As a destination wedding photographer, I’m privileged to capture the beauty of such special moments for my clients. If you’re considering a Norway destination wedding, don’t hesitate to reach out. It will be a day you’ll cherish forever.

Creative Partners

Photographer: Koby Brown
Wedding Date: 2020 + 2022


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