Sadie & Zach Engagement

Denali National Park, Alaska

“Here’s to all the places we went. And here’s to all the places we’ll go. And here’s to me, whispering again and again and again and again: I love you.” — John Green

Denali National Park Engagement

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Love stories often unfold against breathtaking backdrops. Sadie and Zach’s Denali National Park Engagement Session was a true testament to the magic of nature and romance. Thus, spending three unforgettable days capturing their love amidst the wild beauty of Alaska was an incredible experience.

Horseshoe Lake Trail, Denali National Park | Boardwalk

Sadie and Zach’s love story unfolded against the stunning backdrop of Horseshoe Lake Trail in Denali National Park. Three outfit changes marked their journey – from the short blush pink dress that perfectly captured Sadie’s radiance, to the maroon jumpsuit that embodied both elegance and adventure, and finally, the casual denim and white top combo that showcased their carefree connection. Each outfit change was a reflection of their personalities and their love for life’s beautiful moments.

Horseshoe Lake Trail, Denali National Park | Lake Edge and Bridge

The next batch of images came out to be some of my favorites from this three day adventure. As we were going around the lake’s edge, we came upon a bridge. Just as we reached it, the sun was shining perfectly through the tree tops making for such an epic and romantic scene. Some of the images from this location feel like they are painted landscape. Truly a breathtaking adventure.

Horseshoe Lake Trail, Denali National Park | Nenana River Edge

Near the end of our time on Horseshoe Lake Trail, we came to the Nenana River. Sadie had changed into her final outfit for this location and the weather was perfect. You can clearly see the epic mountainous scenery and raging river behind them.

East Fork River – Denali National Park

Part of our journey together was to travel via the Denali National Park buses. Usually, the buses go into the park 90 miles. However, this season the furthest we could go was Mile 43, East River Fork. A landslide had occurred, making it impossible to travel further into the park, unless you hike in. This day had a significant level of fog, which covered the mountain scapes surrounding this river bed.

Meanwhile, I feel we made the location and weather conditions work perfectly. With East Fork River serving as a backdrop, Sadie and Zach’s session was a symphony of elegance and natural beauty. Sadie graced the scenery in an elegant white dress adorned with 3D floral textures, radiating a timeless charm. On the other hand, Zach, in his sleek all-black suit, was the perfect counterpart to Sadie’s grace. As a result together, their formal attire symbolized the merging of style and adventure against the backdrop of Denali National Park’s rugged landscapes.

Old Denali Highway – Cantwell, Alaska

Would you believe me if I told you that the images from this session were taken at nearly 11:00pm? Well I hope you do because it is true. Old Denali Highway provided a pathway for Sadie and Zach’s love to flourish. Against the rustic charm of the mountain scene, their session brought harmony of nature and romance. Subsequently, the images captured here stand as a reminder of the journey they are embarking on together.

Talkeetna, Alaska AirBnb

The final moments of their engagement session are shared in the comfort of a home in Talkeetna. Therefore, these intimate shots capture the warmth and closeness that Sadie and Zach share. A love that is not confined by nature but flourishes within the simplicity of everyday life.

Sadie and Zach’s love story has been writing itself far different than many others. They have had the extraordinary opportunity to travel the United States in their self-converted Camper Van, with their cat Josie. Over the duration of 8 months, their vanlife journey has taken theme to 23 states and 16 National Parks.

A Journey to Forever: Capturing Their Wedding

As the pages of Sadie and Zach’s love story continue to unfold, we are honored to be part of their journey. Their Denali National Park engagement session served as a prelude to their May 2024 wedding in Michigan, where we will have the privilege of capturing the next milestone of their story. Their love, their travels in their self-converted camper van, and their vibrant spirits are a true inspiration, and we look forward to preserving their moments for generations to come.

Plan Your Alaska Engagement Session

Many people consider several locations to be the best choices for Engagement sessions in Alaska. However, I am pretty biased to our journey. From the picturesque Horseshoe Lake Trail to the dramatic landscapes of Denali National Park. To the intimate settings of East Fork River and Old Denali Highway. As a result, this gallery presents a visual journey brimming with love, adventure, and the promise of a lifetime together.

Make your engagement session a chance to adventure with your fiancé. In additional to creating beautiful images, perfect for your save the dates or wedding guest book, you get to know me, get experience in front of my camera, and you’ll be more relaxed on the wedding day. It’s really a win-win all around. So… Let’s start planning together! Contact me to get started today.


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