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Kellie Castle | Fife, Scotland

“But to see her was to love her; love but her, and love forever.” -Robert Burns

Kellie Castle Scottish Wedding

The inspiration for this collection of wedding images from Kellie Castle Scottish Wedding in Fife, Scotland came from an unlikely, but beautiful, source: a quote by Robert Burns that was engraved on the groom’s wedding ring.

Bridal Elegance at Its Finest: A Tale of Two Gowns

The bride’s radiant beauty was accentuated by two stunning gowns, each with its own unique charm. The first, a lavender, off-the-shoulder creation by Gossamer, exuded ethereal grace reminiscent of a Grecian Goddess. The second, a white two-piece ensemble by Elizabeth Mackenzie Bridal, adorned with a flowing cape, evoked a regal presence fit for a princess. The combination of these gowns, paired with effortlessly styled waves, a simple half-up braid, and natural makeup, created a bridal look reminiscent of the timeless elegance embodied by Princess Kate.

Kellie Castle Old-World Charm and Scottish Wedding Details

This wedding incorporated a blend of old-world charm and timeless details, transporting guests to a bygone era. The vintage guest book and feather quill from Blue Sky Papers Claire Magnolia added a touch of nostalgia, while the calligraphic invitations from MM Ink set an elegant tone for the celebration.

As a renowned destination wedding photographer It was an honor to capture every moment, turning the picturesque Kellie Castle into a canvas for this Scottish Wedding fairytale. Webrought to life the romance and magic that filled the air, immortalizing the beauty of the venue, courtesy of the National Trust for Scotland.

Creative Partners

Wedding Gown: Elizabeth Mackenzie Bridal
Lavender Gown: Gossamer
Cake: Loren Brand Cakes
Makeup and Hair: Laura Sutherland Makeup
Calligraphy: MM Ink

Jewelry: Ledeen Diamond Co.
Stationary: Blue Sky Papers and Claire Magnolia
Watercolor Artist: My Friend Court
Ribbons: Mill Pond Flower Farm


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