Bridal Portraits

Bridal portraits are a celebration of timeless beauty, capturing a moment when a bride’s inner radiance shines through in all its elegance and grace.

When it comes to capturing the essence of a bride-to-be in her purest form of beauty, a bridal portrait session is the perfect occasion. Recently, we had the privilege of working with the radiant Alyson for her Texas bridal portrait session. Our team at Koby Brown Photography, along with the talented artists from Lola Beauty, had the honor of showcasing the future Mrs. Scully in her Anne Barge wedding gown, Loeffler Randall shoes, Alexia Maria reception dress, and Freesia Designs Bridal Bouquet.

The Texas Bridal Portrait Session Vision

Alyson, a vision of grace and poise, had a clear vision for her bridal portraits. She envisioned a classic, modern, and timeless shoot that would capture her essence in all its beauty. From the very beginning, we knew this session was going to be special. Alyson’s wedding dress, designed by Anne Barge, perfectly embodied her dream of timeless elegance. The gown featured a fitted silhouette, a high neckline, and minimal detailing, with a delicate bow adorning the back. Perfectly paired with her wedding color palette of pink and white within her Bridal Bouquet. Provided by the talented Freesia Designs.

Texas Bridal Portrait Session Preparations and Glamour

The day began at Alyson’s side with the talented team from Lola Beauty. They transformed her into a true work of art, enhancing her natural beauty. Alyson’s hair and makeup were meticulously styled to emphasize her features and complement her classic yet modern look.

The Anne Barge Gown

Alyson’s Anne Barge wedding dress was the epitome of sophistication. With a fitted silhouette, it hugged her curves beautifully, creating an elegant and timeless look. The high neckline exuded a sense of regal poise, while the dress’s minimal detailing added a touch of modernity. The exquisite bow gracing the back of the gown added just the right amount of charm.

The Freesia Designs Bridal Bouquet

The garden setting provided the perfect canvas for showcasing the natural beauty of Freesia Design‘s Bridal Bouquet. The lush greenery and vibrant blooms in the garden harmonized with the bouquet’s aesthetics. The juxtaposition of the bride’s white gown, the bouquet’s soft, pastel tones, and the vivid colors of the garden made for an enchanting visual narrative.

The Loeffler Randall Shoes

To complete her ensemble, Alyson chose Loeffler Randall shoes. The delicate and stylish shoes were a perfect match for her timeless bridal look. The touch of elegance they added was truly magical.

The Alexia Maria Reception Dress

For the second part of the session, Alyson donned an Alexia Maria reception dress, adding a dash of modernity and playfulness to her classic bridal look. This transition highlighted her ability to effortlessly shift between classic and contemporary styles.

Texas Bridal Portrait Session Setting: Indoor and Outdoor Beauty

The choice of location was essential in achieving the classic, modern, and timeless mood Alyson envisioned. We opted for a garden setting that offered both indoor and outdoor elements. The garden’s lush greenery, blooming flowers, and elegant architecture perfectly complemented Alyson’s bridal attire.

The Photos: Capturing Timeless Beauty

As the day unfolded, we captured Alyson in both indoor and outdoor scenes, each highlighting her beauty in different ways. The natural light from the outdoor setting enhanced her timeless grace, while the indoor shots added a sense of classic elegance.

Each photograph was a testament to Alyson’s beauty and her ability to effortlessly embody the classic, modern, and timeless mood she desired. The combination of her vision, the expert styling from Lola Beauty, and the creative direction from Koby Brown Photography resulted in a stunning collection of images that will be cherished for a lifetime.

Texas Bridal Portrait Session Conclusion

Alyson’s Texas bridal portrait session was a perfect blend of classic, modern, and timeless beauty. From her Anne Barge wedding gown and Loeffler Randall shoes to the transition to the Alexia Maria reception dress, every detail was carefully chosen to create a vision of bridal elegance. The garden setting, both indoor and outdoor, provided the ideal backdrop for capturing her radiance. The Freesia Design Bouquet was a perfect addition to her bridal style. This session was a celebration of the beauty that transcends time, and we were honored to be a part of it. Alyson’s future as Mrs. Scully looks just as bright as her bridal portrait session was. We can’t wait to capture the moments of her wedding day and the love story that continues to unfold.

Creative Partners

Wedding Dress: Anne Barge

Reception Dress: Alexis Maria


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