Grand Canal | Venice, Italy

“Love is not just looking at each other, it’s looking in the same direction with a heart full of passion.” -Casanova

Oda’s Venice Boudoir

The heart of the enchanting city of Venice, nestled along the serene waters of the Grand Canal. There stands a magnificent palazzo that has borne witness to the passage of time. Undoubtedly this palatial residence, steeped in history and exuding an air of timeless elegance. A location used to craft a story for a Venice Boudoir Editorial. This is the very place where the legendary Casanova, the master of romance, once spent countless hours of his life. It is here that our tale unfolds, where we draw inspiration from Casanova’s profound affection for women. Coupled with his unwavering belief that they deserve to be cherished, adored, and treated with the utmost care and devotion.

Casanova, a name synonymous with seduction and charm, was not just a notorious ladies’ man. But also a philosopher of love, recognizing that love should be a passionate dance of desire, respect, and tenderness. He showered his paramours with lavish gifts that whispered sweet nothings of love. No sooner writing them love notes that captured the very essence of their beauty. Then serenaded them with melodious songs that echoed through their hearts, and bestowed upon them his undivided attention, making them feel like the most cherished treasures in the world.

Championing Love and Care with Venice Boudoir

In the grandeur of this historical palazzo, we seek to channel the spirit of Casanova and spread his message of love and devotion, not just towards the objects of our affection but to every soul that crosses our path. The beauty that is showcased in the captivating images that grace these walls serves as a reminder, a gentle nudge to our collective consciousness, urging us to find and celebrate the beauty that resides within ourselves and in every person we encounter, each and every day.

Hence it is here, in this opulent setting, that a team of creative partners has converged to bring this vision to life. Altogether contributing their unique talents to create a symphony of art and emotion.

Creative Partners

Photographer: Koby Brown
Model: Oda Østenstad Fjell
Location: Private Palazzo
Logistics: Ema Giangreco

Gown: Avery Lane
Calligraphy: Laura Hooper
Photo Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Hair & Makeup: Lisa Semenzato
Linens & Ribbons: Silk & Willow
Floral: Fioreria San Rocco


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