Valentina – Vintage

Houston, TX

Are you Beautifully Undressed? Love stories from around the world with Shell Belle Couture Boudoir.

Shell Belle Couture Boudoir Editorial

Step into a world of romance and elegance as we unveil this enchanting boudoir shoot. It is especially for modern brides like you! Captured by Koby Brown Photography, these pictures tell a heartfelt love story in the most intimate and special way. The bride in stunning black and white lingerie pieces from Shell Belle Couture Boudoir. Oh, how lovely all that delicate lace looks! For that reason, it’s the perfect gift idea for your groom. A sweet and private way to express your love and excitement before your big day.

These photos are like magic, capturing all the emotions and joy that surround you as you prepare for your wedding. Equally important, they become cherished memories of this special time, reminders of the love and happiness that fills your heart. As you embark on this new chapter of your life, this boudoir shoot becomes a symbol of self-love and confidence. Take this time to celebrate the beautiful woman you are.

So, if you’re a modern bride seeking a charming and timeless way to celebrate your love story, this boudoir shoot is just what you’ve been looking for. Embrace the magic of this intimate photo session, and create a beautiful story that will be treasured for a lifetime. Let Koby Brown Photography capture the essence of your love, and let these lovely photographs be a testament to the joy and excitement that comes with this special time in your life.

This shoot is a perfect start to a love story… What a fabulous gift for the groom!

Creative Partners

Photography: Koby Brown
Makeup & Hair: Jenni Reed
Styling: Elizabeth Brown, Koby Brown Photography

Boudoir Wardrobe: Shell Belle Couture
Location: Private Residence

Film Lab: Richard Photo Lab

Camera: Mamiya 645
Film: Portra 800


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