Established in 2011, Koby Brown Photography is a boutique wedding, travel, and editorial studio. His focus remains on capturing intentionally cultivated events that are beautifully composed and filled with light.

Koby works together with his wife, Elizabeth, and as a team they specialize in destination weddings, wedding and fashion editorials, and creating fine art images. Koby has photographed celebrations across the globe, from the Amalfi Coast, Venice, London, and Iceland, to the countryside of Scotland and beyond.

His work is very much inspired by each client’s individual story.
With a noteworthy skill for breathing life into his photographic narratives, he draws out the emotion hidden just beneath
the surface. He seeks to tell each story in a refined, yet organic way, weaving personalized elements of the journey throughout every collection of photographs.


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My wife and daughters are all a part of this crazy adventure, and the older my daughters grow, the more driven I am to succeed in hopes of inspiring them to find their own passion in life and follow their dreams. I am passionate about telling love stories in a beautiful, inspiring way. Your story is important, right now in this moment, and even more so once this moment has passed. My photographs will become your connection to future generations. 

Every wedding commission received is a great honor, and the most important aspect of my career is the trust you put in me to tell your story. If you are planning your wedding, I’d be honored to be part of your adventure too - Let’s give future generation a tangible record that you were here and greatly loved.

I am the storyteller. You are the story

My life as a photographer is full of peaks and valleys. I am not looking for perfect balance, because with balance comes complacency. The peaks help me survive the valleys, and the valleys drive me to create with more passion.

-Alain de Botton

“There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.” 

One of my favorite quotes.

New Landscapes, different climates, unique venues… I consume these adventures as though they were the air I breathe. At 10 years old, my parents gave me a Canon 35mm to take on a trip to England. I spent that trip burning through film and loving it. My lens was mostly trained on historic architecture and monuments. To this day, I am inspired by history, architecture, new places, and the adventure of traveling.

Photographer, Husband, and Father


I left my job as a teacher and opened my own photography studio in 2003. My work focused on families, children, and weddings; while Koby stayed on the commercial side in marketing, branding, architectural and editorial work. Eventually, I convinced him to help me at some of my weddings, and from there, we began to work together more often. In 2011, Koby and I joined forces to open Archetype Studio Inc.

The dog catalog event sparked a new interest in photography for me - capturing live subjects on camera was so much more exciting than the typical commercial product shoots I had helped with in the past. At my begging, Koby taught me the mechanics of photography: lighting, lenses, cameras, composition, etc. I soaked it all up and starting practicing with friends and family for engagement and couple’s shoots. 

 I opened the door, and FOURTEEN tiny Yorkshire Terriers poured into the studio space like a bubbling river of hairy happiness. My heart almost popped. The dogs immediately proceeded to mark everywhere in the space, including the pristine white backdrop, but I couldn’t have cared less, I was already in love. I helped wrangle all those little heartbeats into their costumes and clothing and Koby successfully shot the hell out of that campaign. Side note, I convinced him to take partial payment in trade, and we adopted one of the puppies - tiny Marley was my heartbeat at my feet for 15 years.

Koby and I met in high school… in English class. I purposefully ‘forgot’ pens and paper so I would have a reason to turn around and talk to him (he sat diagonally behind me). He finally asked me out and we dated all through college. I graduated from Texas A&M and began my first year of teaching; during which, he popped the question, and I said YES! I continued teaching during our early years as a married couple, but I would sometimes help him in his studio on the weekends - especially if he had an interesting shoot.
On one weekend in particular, knowing my adoration of all things dog, Koby asked if I wanted to come help with a catalog shoot for a dog clothing company. “The client is bringing two dogs. You can assist the dog handler.” he told me. I’ve never been more excited to help! On the day of the shoot, we could hear what sounded like a lot more than just two dogs coming down the long concrete hallway that led to Koby’s studio and offices.

While my journey into photography was inspired by my husband… I really need to give credit where credit is due… to the dogs… specifically, Yorkshire Terriers. Let me explain.



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Truly there is no job I would rather be doing, and no one I would rather do it with. I love the creative side of photography. The opportunity to capture life, movement, emotion, and beauty inspires me. I enjoy planning and crafting a collection of images with the purpose of telling an intentional story… send me your Pinterest boards and let’s talk wardrobe and location details… together we will create magic!


We take our world and it’s beauty seriously and are well aware that its resources are limited. In an effort to reduce our carbon footprint, we relocated to Galveston Island in 2013. We now run our business from one of only a few zero-energy homes in Texas. Solar panels and a wind turbine provide the energy needed to power the household, sometimes even over-producing what we need and putting energy back into the county power grid. The home was built with the latest technology in energy efficiency, and we continue to invest in smart choices like LED bulbs, recycled and cotton paper, products made in energy-efficient production facilities from sustainable sources, and carbon offset shipping when available.

DEstination Weddings

As an avid traveler, I am devoted to capturing the sacred moment when two souls become one, infused with your own unique story and the particular location you have chosen. When possible, I arrive at least a day in advance of the event to scout the sites in person during the same lighting conditions we expect to experience during your wedding celebration. I highly recommend setting aside extra time during your wedding adventure for us to explore the area together, all the while adding more threads to the tapestry that is your photographic story.

Koby has photographed celebrations across the globe, from the Amalfi Coast, Venice, London, and Iceland, to the countryside of Scotland and beyond. Each client’s individual story very much inspires his work. With a remarkable skill for breathing life into his photographic narratives, he draws out the emotion hidden just beneath the surface. He seeks to tell each story in a refined, yet organic way, weaving personalized elements of the journey throughout every collection of photographs.

Places We've Been

Communication is key. I seek to gain a clear understanding of your vision – not just what your celebration should look like, but also how you would like the day to feel. Your wedding day experience is important, and I am committed to working alongside your wedding designer to custom tailor a photo timeline designed with your desires, the available daylight, and location in mind. On your wedding day, you can relax and trust that with my years of experience and artistic passion, I will capture the story of your day in a distinctive and treasured collection of photographs.

Working Together

Bride + Groom | Hotel Emma, San Antonio, TX

-Lindsay + JAson

"Thank you so, so much!!! Wow, what a spectacular night we had! Y’all were phenomenal! Literally, from the first second you guys stepped into the room, we totally felt at ease and started getting excited about watching the night unfold! And you were right–totally non-intrusive and unsuspecting! It was so casual. Y’all blended in so well. Again, we were so impressed with every aspect of your work, from genuineness and sincerity (Koby, thanks again for the heart-to-heart), to your aesthetic skills, professionalism, artistry and ability to capture the most intimate and memorable moments of the night. We went through the photographs today and were just speechless. They are beautiful. You captured the day for us in more ways than we could have imagined. We particularly loved the window into each other’s world the day of the wedding. It really evoked so much emotion and sentiment for us."

Lindsay + Jason | San Antonio, TX

Bride + Groom | Palazzo Cavalli, Venice, Italy

-Wendy + Eric

"We will forever thank the lucky stars that guided us to Koby Brown. Working with him was an absolute pleasure and so easy from start to finish. Koby showed earring thoughtfulness toward every aspect of our wedding day and now looking back, we couldn’t have trusted it to anyone else. Our hearts were so full in Venice with our small but perfect team of vendors. I’d think it was all a dream if I didn’t have the most incredible photographic evidence provided to us by a true master of his art. His passion is evident both in his sunny disposition and impeccable work."

Wendy + Eric | Venice, Italy

Bride + Groom | Hotel Budir, Iceland

-Amira + luke

"These photos are incredible! We finally got a chance to go through the whole gallery and they are just stunning. I love them all!! We are so thankful ya’ll were able to come join us on our wedding adventure. You really captured the spirit of what we were hoping for in our wedding photos. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU."

Amira + Luke | Iceland

Planner at Belle Events (formerly Belle of the Ball)

"It was wonderful working together on Katheryn and Andy’s wedding this October! The pictures are beautiful and I know the bride and groom are thrilled! Thank you for your attention to detail, work ethic, and professionalism! It is much appreciated!! When photos are the lasting images of all the hard work, it’s wonderful to have you on the team… THE BEST! I would love to partner together again soon!"


Amira + Luke | Iceland

"Truly from the bottom of my heart thank you for the most incredible wedding pictures and the incredible experience of working with you! I really cannot say enough just how in love with our pictures I am. The lighting, composition, and genuine expressions you gave us are beyond words. You were able to capture the most beautiful moments on film, and I am so grateful we had you as a part of our day. I have received so many compliments when I show our pictures and I am quick to give you the credit for your eye and also for really rolling with sus on our day and making it work! I feel as though my collection is unique and editorial (particularly the sunrise shoot), mixed with traditional, and you really took my vision and made it prettiier than I could have imagines. I am just so overcome with gratitude looking over these photos for our book and wanted to say thank you again!"

Bride + Groom | San Francisco City Hall, San Francisco, CA

-Victoria + Greg

Victoria + Greg | San Francisco, CA

"These photos are absolutely beautiful; we cannot stop looking through them! They could not have turned out better. Thank you so much for doing such an incredible job capturing every detail of the day. I cannot speak highly enough of your talent, professionalism, and the energy your brought while shooting our wedding. For two people who tend to get a little nervous under the spotlight, you kept us at complete ease for the moments leading up to our ceremony. We will always be grateful for how perfectly you documented the most important day for us. Thank you so much again!!"

Bride + Groom | BCN, Houston, TX

-Kayla + Cameron

Kayla + Cameron | Houston, TX

Bride + Groom | Villa Cimbrone, Ravello, Italy


"Insane. Obsessed. Overwhelmed. Unreal – we are looking at the images and keep wondering aloud – was this really OUR wedding?!? This body of work is nothing short of artistic genius. It’s humbling to have an experience as phenomenal and full of love as our wedding was, but it’s even more soul riveting to have it so eloquently captured for us to enjoy for the rest of our lives."

Katie + James | Ravello, Italy

Bride + Groom | Camp Lucy, Austin, TX

-JEssica + Jimmy

"Thank you again for being two of the most amazing people we have met and for capturing our day so beautifully. Our journey wouldn’t have been the same without you, truly."

Jessica + Jimmy | Austin, TX

Bride + Groom | Private Estate, Vienne, Virginia

-Laura + Mike 

"One of our best wedding planning decisions was choosing you as our photographers and we are so grateful that you said “Yes!” Our photos are PERFECT – we couldn’t be any happier. It gives us a chance to relive the best day of our lives and feel like we are still celebrating."

Laura + Mike | Vienne, Virginia

Bride + Groom | Asia Society, Houston, TX

-LaNDRIE + JAson

"I seriously don’t even have the words to thank you two for how awesome you are and how much you have meant to us during the entire planning process. Your advice and organization are like none I have ever seen…I really don’t know when you sleep! You two are the first vendors my type-A personality was able to fully trust and know I didn’t have to worry. …we truly appreciate you…"

Landrie + Jason | Houston, TX

Bride + Groom | Opera Guild House, New Orleans, LA

-Meribeth + Lad

"It is so inspiring watching the two of you work as a unit. You both have a special gift that gives a gift in return to others. That has been the most surreal experience. I cannot say thank you enough. Words trivialize how amazing the two of you are. Simply brilliant."

Meribeth + Lab | New Orleans, LA

Bride + Groom | Dairy Barn, Charlotte, NC

-Leigh + Francesco

"We had the best time last night running the slide show of every single photo and reliving our wedding day. What a fantastic job you guys did! We are blown away by all the beautiful moments you captured and presented. We love these photos!!"

Leigh + Francesco | Charlotte, NC

-Leigh Herran

"We cannot say enough praises of this photography team! When you put so much into making your wedding come together to be a beautiful day, it's important to capture not just the images but the emotion and vibe of that day. Koby Brown Photography (formerly Archetype) did this beautifully! We are still swimming in the memories of our wedding thanks to these incredible photos. Before the wedding, Elizabeth was so good to give me advice and feedback on decisions we were making. And on our wedding day, Koby was so enjoyable, friendly and comforting in those moments that seem chaotic! We would highly recommend Koby Brown Photography (formerly Archetype Studio) and would hire them again - in fact we are in the works to hire them again for another occasion."

Leigh Herran | Bride

-Lyn Roman

"I knew we had to have Koby shoot our wedding the minute we ended our phone conversation. Not only does his work speak for itself, but he’s a true and genuine professional, who has an eye for every detail. Koby captured every moment and emotion in our day, and when I look back at our wedding photos not only am I impressed by his beautiful work, but I’m overwhelmed with all the feels…all over again. His energy and direction comforted us, and truly made our day even more memorable than we ever imagined. If you’re looking for a wedding photographer - you can choose Koby with your eyes closed. His work is a dream, and he’s a dream vendor for any Bride."

Lyn Roman | Bride

Freelance Hairstylist


I wanted to reach out to you to express my admiration for your work and your work ethic. It was a pleasure working behind the scenes with your peaceful energy.
 I was very impressed, as well as amazed, with he way you two flow together while “working”. I can see that you both love what you do and it shines through the pictures. Couples like you are living testament that being in love can be a powerful thing and that if you love what you do you don’t have to work a day in your life.

Luly James | Hairstylist



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